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My life size illustration as a contribution for Diffusion(Kakusansei) Million Arthur Only Event in Korea (Sep 2013). 

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リングアベルさんとイデアちゃん詰め BY はな

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Bravely Default works perfectly with this meme ⊟

This is one of my favorite memes to come out of Japan in recent memory, from a Tokyo couple interviewed by a news station about a recent blizzard. Asked how he feels about the weather, the dude goes super cornball and says, “There’s something special in the air about being with your loved one when it’s snowing, so I like it!” Meanwhile his girlfriend (or wife) hides her face in embarrassment, hoping to die that instant.

It’s spawned hundreds of parody illustrations with anime and game characters, but my favorite is this one for Bravely Default — Ringabel and Edea seem perfect here. Big ups to Shishamo for the artwork, and to Snowhalation for posting about the meme on Tumblr.

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I’m having prob with my internet,I’ll add when it is resolved

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Finished Bravely Default,and decided to break damage record.Pretty good,but I’ve seen better,so let’s break it more \o/

"You might sort of recognize the space pirates and you might not…"

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Remember how there’s a ten minute Youtube video that’s just this scene on repeat the entire time?

Remember how the camera then shifted to Don and Ahim openly admiring Joe’s ridiculous hotness competence and skill? 

Remember Joe’s ass? Oh jeeze, dat ass. Nobody has an ass like Yamada Yuki and I MISS IT SO MUCH.


Nobody has an ass like Yamada Yuki

ain’t that the fuckin TRUTH 

I miss pudding joe

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Noragami (ノラガミ) ~ Hiyori Iki (壱岐 ひより) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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